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Training the future 

A Multi-sport program for kids ages 3-14

About Stoked

Why play one sport when you can play many?

StokedSports is a multi-sport program for kids ages 3-11, StokedSports develops, and builds skills such as dribbling, passing, striking, shooting, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and locomotor movements through an array of sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, golf skills, and lacrosse.

For the younger child, we concentrate on locomotor movements and developing footwork, ball handling, and spatial awareness for on the court or field play. There is an emphasis on skill acquisition through creative games and activities.


For the older child, we teach strategies and concepts through competition as well as developing their skill level.


Teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship is emphasized and encouraged throughout each session and age group

Our greatest asset

Our coaches and trainers are physical educators who have backgrounds in kinesiology, exercise physiology, and early education.  Some have played at the collegiate and professional levels. All are CPR, First Aid, and AED certified with concussion specialist knowledge.



Fall Classes


Town School Location Weekdays 3:30-4:30pm (Grades 1st-4th) 

Mondays: Tennis


Wednesdays: Basketball

Fridays: Open for Birthday Rentals 

To register or for more information:  Text or call 917-846-9840 

Basketball Game

Private Sessions

At StokedSports we are training the future. Our trainers and coaches work with the individual to customize the training session from simple hand-eye coordination to working on improving skills involved in a specific sport.  

At Stoked we feel even though these children may be budding athletes they are still kids. Therefore, we want to cater to the child's individual needs, interests, and goals to help them reach their potential while making sure they are excited and having fun throughout the program.

If your child would like to get that one on one training, we are happy to work with setting up a private training session in a particular sport or a personal fitness plan. Please  call or text 917-846-9840.

Private Sessions


StokedSports is able to provide customized birthday parties. We can create a sport specific party or a multiple games party. If your child has a specific theme they would like, we will work to create the theme around games and activities.


A 90 minute party and any sport, game or activity can be organized. We generally spend 60 minutes in the gym, followed by cake and food in the cafeteria space for 30 minutes. The coaches take care of running the party, serving the cake, and cleaning up. Families are responsible for the food, drinks, cake, decorations, plates, napkins, utensils. 

If interested, please text or call 917-846-9840


Get in touch!


1520 York Ave 21G
New York, NY 10028

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